Completed Projects

Please have a look at the gallery of potential garden elements to get inspiration for your dream garden and call or use the web site contact sheet to organise your initial free design consultation.

Hardwood & Softwood Decking on its own or with paving

Depending on your requirements we can include Hardwood, Softwood or Composite Decking into your garden.


Natural stone paving is available in many different types, including Indian Sandstone, English York Stone, Limestone, Slate and Granite. Reconstituted stone paving offers a more uniform finish preferred by some clients.


Depending on your design, plants will normally feature in your garden. Planting schemes generally contain plants selected for their colour, form, texture, and scent as well as to provide the structure and height to your garden.

Synthetic Lawns

With modern manufacturing processes, the quality of synthetic lawns has come on leaps and bounds and is almost indistinguishable from a real lawn at a distance. There is a wide range of manufacturers and options available depending on your requirements.

Water Features & Ponds, Streams & Rills

Garden water features, ponds, streams and rills are still very popular and provide a relaxing addition to any garden.

Garden Buildings & Play Areas

We can work with you to create a bespoke timber garden building or we can erect a structure you have purchased.

Stephen Davies Landscape and Design

Living Spaces by Design. From traditional to contemporary, a design to suit your needs.

Whether you have a large or small garden and irrespective of your budget the design process is the same. Please call or use the web site contact sheet to organise your initial free design consultation.

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